The legend of soulkeeper

Soul shard

Your belts: -

Fire Pod

Red Pod

Water Pod

Blue Pod

Grass Pod

Green Pod
Green Pod

Compete for the Legendary Genesis Loot Pod!

Top 10 collectors in each category will receive Legendary Genesis Loot Pods containing exclusive Genesis items.

Time left:Completed
Your score on the leaderboard increases once you deposit your Loot Pods into the game.


Where am I?
You are on the mint page of The Legend of Soulkeeper - our Genesis Drop that offers players to mint Soul Shards and Loot Pods.
This drop also marks the beninning of a new chapter for Zeeverse and the introduction of our long-awaited Cosmetic system.
How long will the mint go on for?
What are Soul Shards?
What are Loot Pods?
What are Legendary Loot Pods?
Is there an Allowlist?
What are Wampum Belts?
How to use Wampum Belts?
Can I still get on the Allowlist?
Where can I learn more or ask a question?